Large Dining Room

The Large Dining Room, or the "New Room" as General Washington called it, is the largest and most autobiographical room in the mansion.  It was used as a reception area, possible ballroom, and large dining area.  The furnishing conveyed Washington's tastes, appreciation for formality, vision for the nation, and personal passions.

As the room where more than one million people a year begin their tour of the Mansion, it continues to look stately.  However, the skilled eye can see that the room is due for some critical maintenance. 

Preservation, Restoration, and Conservation Work to be done:

  • Cleaning wallpaper
  • Repairing wallpaper seams
  • Repainting the entire space – scientists have analyzed paint samples to refine our understanding
    of the original shades, and we will use hand-ground reproduction paint
  • Installing higher quality, more historically accurate wallpaper border
  • Repairing plaster in the ceiling
  • Reconstructing and repairing door jamb liners
  • Conserving original objects displayed in the room
  • Conserving original art work and its frames displayed in the room

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